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  • Donald Koala
    Donald Koala

    adhd ding ding ding

  • Milly Clarkson
    Milly Clarkson

    these were the best two girls that have done anything like out of the tinders and challenges and stuff these were the best!! they need to come back in another video i think?! :)

  • Gurkirat Singh
    Gurkirat Singh

    My focus was on 4 subjects.

  • Marquezmassa Lorenzo
    Marquezmassa Lorenzo

    14 :45

  • Brandon Lewis
    Brandon Lewis

    Bruh Jj is the most famous

  • Bob Jamaica
    Bob Jamaica

    How do people have sex so much they don’t know their body count 😂😂 they be fucking anyone.. how you find that many attractive people

  • krrish sharma
    krrish sharma

    Idk i found these girls pretty disrespectful

  • Julio Alvarez
    Julio Alvarez

    Sam has quite the video up online at the moment i assume she does onlyfans???

  • Nick Punisher
    Nick Punisher

    very stupid young ppl

  • Marya Loginova
    Marya Loginova

    Do not judge someone else’s past; you don’t know your future

  • immybob09

    0:27 not sure why but that noise made me chuckle I usually make a similar noise when something is slow like stupid players on fifa 🤣

  • Nicotine Soldier
    Nicotine Soldier

    lmaoo josh

  • ReikokuXCM

    Georgie is a little thick eh, damn

  • TaimourSawUCap noggo
    TaimourSawUCap noggo

    They made it hard to concentrate

  • Flex Beater
    Flex Beater

    0:24 leafy?

  • Chung jacky
    Chung jacky


  • Kim Jong-un
    Kim Jong-un

    The dumbest people 😆😆

  • Ash Smyth
    Ash Smyth

    3:40 thought she said that his just a bit black had to rewind

  • yuri trochin
    yuri trochin

    19:55 jj just gets violated

  • Jearvin Nathan
    Jearvin Nathan

    Ksi smells like money😂

  • Evan Binoy Mathew
    Evan Binoy Mathew

    2:50 goat mode

  • maini

    my mans behz taking a peak LOL 10:38





  • GTgaming

    The first girl the one with no hair is soooo anoyingg

  • Zaza FF
    Zaza FF

    Who as the worst beard Fatneek: 💔

  • Charlie Storrs
    Charlie Storrs

    Girl with short hair is banging

  • BRANDON nova2
    BRANDON nova2

    Had to look up the word posh to know what it mean

  • SaddamGav

    Dude ethan is LITERALLY CHANGED BRO!

  • sayid rizki
    sayid rizki

    4:29 Richest is the stinkiest!! Buy a cologne bro

  • scouser dave
    scouser dave

    soon as that girl in blue leggings came into full view i lost interest in anything else......

  • Michael Sianipar
    Michael Sianipar

    the fact that JJ doesn't have tits in the thumbnail just makes me laugh

  • noodle noodles
    noodle noodles

    JJ is the most fit like he does a ton of boxing and training doesn't he?

  • Syarbini

    ngl, but this couple is quite funny tho

  • xd extraction
    xd extraction

    Vik from India

  • Mike jones
    Mike jones

    Creature was shit

  • ☞Random


  • Joe Momma
    Joe Momma

    These 2 gyal are so annoying😂

  • Christian Zogg-Kellett
    Christian Zogg-Kellett

    Clearly KSI is the strongest and he knew this shit lol. Cmon KSI you know better.

  • Nieve Rainmaker
    Nieve Rainmaker

    That doice in the matriarchy

  • Jordan Singh
    Jordan Singh

    1 of worst video by far

  • Jonathan

    They kept violating Josh 😭

  • Kool Aid
    Kool Aid

    JJ almost messed up his own name lol

  • DaddyBattleAsya

    vic is smol

  • Rahman Emadi
    Rahman Emadi


  • Davod Fana
    Davod Fana


  • MM2_FrosT


  • Baldski

    That thumbnail though...

  • Adam Adnan
    Adam Adnan

    nooo i was waiting for harry’s turn when they asked the pick up line question Fkkkk!

  • Maga Edoz
    Maga Edoz


  • Ethan Kaminsky
    Ethan Kaminsky

    mans went primitive Babatunde mode 6:57

  • Mikasa Ackerman
    Mikasa Ackerman


  • Wyatt Mlcak
    Wyatt Mlcak

    What does posh mean

  • Steven Skibniewski
    Steven Skibniewski

    I’d argue that Vik might be almost as well known as JJ due to the Minecraft community, my man is in a lot of videos with different youtubers who are 5mil+ on subs

  • Eyeball Paul
    Eyeball Paul

    That thumbnail feeding KSI's ego.

  • Abdulfatah Mohamoud
    Abdulfatah Mohamoud

    I am freinds with ksi lol there your ticket bro .

  • quackitys mental side chick friend
    quackitys mental side chick friend


  • Muchiro

    Did u realize they're all wearing white shoes 😂😂

    • Anna

      Vik isn’t

  • BowserBro 275
    BowserBro 275

    I like how ones rlly chatty and the other one is so serious 😂

  • Fun Fucts about...
    Fun Fucts about...


  • cloud

    This is fun and all, but what is the point? We don't get to see the answer.

  • Steven Geoffrey
    Steven Geoffrey


  • Ozlem Coruk
    Ozlem Coruk

    8:30 rate who’s strongest.

  • Vladislav Sinitsyn
    Vladislav Sinitsyn

    If he was truly concerned about the future of the Free World, he wouldn't be making such inflammatory remarks.

  • Bender 2999
    Bender 2999

    That thumbnail….you wish you looked like that ksi loser!

  • subspampewds

    9:08 she almost came touching harry...

  • Zane McKnight
    Zane McKnight

    I’m American and wtf does posh mean

  • edg810

    4:41 Yeah you def seen him... hanging from No.1s nuts lol

  • Sheogorath, Daedric Prince of Madness
    Sheogorath, Daedric Prince of Madness

    The girl with the long hair has a tattoo of the oxytocin molecule on her arm, my auntie has the same tattoo in the exact same place. I have a dopamine molecule tattoo on my arm and met somebody else that has the same tattoo as me in the same place last week, seems like molecule structure tattoos are getting pretty common.

  • Owen Jones
    Owen Jones

    I guess it was cold in that room ⨀⨀

  • Ethan Sandeman
    Ethan Sandeman

    It's the "when every mum goes over to him" Then ethan says "then I say I'm his friend" is the best line

  • Fr0z3nFN

    Jj in the thumbnail looks like Mike Tyson

  • AssaultVB

    dude that white background aint it im trying to watch at 2 am and this aint it

  • Marco Herrera
    Marco Herrera

    Ethan can you tell us what cologne you were wearing thanks

  • Jonathan Films
    Jonathan Films

    Shoulda changed it to sidemen wya roasted by two loose pastrami sandwiches workers😂

  • Funny Cute Animals
    Funny Cute Animals


  • Zhanna Kharitonova
    Zhanna Kharitonova

    Patience, of course, is a very powerful weapon, but sometimes I start to regret that it is not a firearm.

  • Joey.C

    Should of gave them the answers of what the sideman think the answers are

  • Owel Martin
    Owel Martin

    Tf happened to the original title and thumbnail

  • zaid asif
    zaid asif

    georgie talks too much

    • Jonathan Films
      Jonathan Films


  • Rajvansh Singh Chauhan
    Rajvansh Singh Chauhan

    What the hell is that Thumbnail

  • bence tomori
    bence tomori

    girl with the blue?cyan? pants got BUNDA

  • Haomaru

    There are men in this video? all is saw were weak p ossies


    damnn that blue assssssssssssss

  • Elmahboob Hussein
    Elmahboob Hussein

    get some real females to judge

  • De Surinamer
    De Surinamer

    these arent women bruv, big scam

    • Sean MMA
      Sean MMA


    • Jonathan Films
      Jonathan Films



    anyone know where to find behzinga shirt

  • Ayden Morrow
    Ayden Morrow

    Girl put both of the strongest guys in the sidemen in the buttom

  • Arash Rahimi
    Arash Rahimi

    That girl carried the whole thing

  • Fnatic JW
    Fnatic JW

    try not to cringe

  • Anej Z
    Anej Z

    JJ is the strongest no question.

  • Johanis

    JJ Saying with the boys he's just a normal guy and their all equal is awesome. We all knew he has that mindset but it's just dope when he's happy to stress that point.

  • madzzz

    stop fucking doing videos with women

  • Deven Singh
    Deven Singh

    By the way guys Vikram is a posh name in india

  • Mehboob Khan
    Mehboob Khan


  • akuma 2.0
    akuma 2.0

    can u actually get a normal wamens ??

  • Jax AA
    Jax AA

    I’m Kimbo Slice…😎

  • shush

  • Tanmay Shrivastav
    Tanmay Shrivastav

    when they started sniffing them I can feel there uncomforted

  • Jkjunior Johnson
    Jkjunior Johnson

    Ethan and JJ make a great duo