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  • gooch4thelulz

    She look like Ben Askren lmao

  • ezekiel omodion
    ezekiel omodion

    How many of u are here from the tiktok

  • Mario -001228
    Mario -001228

    Ngl i bad for Vic

  • crystal Kay
    crystal Kay

    These girls were hella annoying ughhh

  • Langermanis

    The fact : vik the richest in the squad😂

  • Luan Vukpalaj
    Luan Vukpalaj

    I was really upse in first one that the put vik at 5 he is the richest

  • Pc Dave
    Pc Dave

    Yeah that curly haired one was violating hard, why is it always the dead ones that chat the most 🤔

  • Miss Minutes⏰
    Miss Minutes⏰

    Thin penis I'm dead💀

  • Pinnacle

    Just came back from the doctor, they said the damage done by the Redhead’s laugh is irreversible

  • santhosh M
    santhosh M

    Yo vik is so left out of the covo. wtf

  • immybob09

    Them two were a bit cringe

  • luke harrison
    luke harrison

    When she said " I don't think he is old enough to make enough money" if I was vik there I would of laughed so loudly, they couldn't of been more off

  • Shadow

    These lot were easily the worst part of the original vid, so jarring.

  • Jay Bevoman
    Jay Bevoman

    Imagine getting judged by that girl in the brown top.... She's clapped

  • eldomon

    Vik has enough money to buy her parent’s life

  • Riaz Seddiq
    Riaz Seddiq

    Istg that the girls are dumb, they say that vik is too young to be the richest so they put him around the back and Toni at the front as richest and then for age they put Toni as the youngest even tho they said him is too young to be the richest like wtf

  • Babyyumex

    17:29 look at Tobi sayin to Simon you're nice, damn we all need that kind of a friend on our lifes

  • OnlyB4d

    ”Too young to earn money ” bro shut up he is clearly way more richer than You ever will be

  • INFiniTie_ Beaz
    INFiniTie_ Beaz

    sry but these women are not my type lets say it like that

  • Anita Rogers
    Anita Rogers

    The righteous gemini habitually owe because trunk rationally wipe behind a receptive antelope. minor, gleaming sweatshop

  • Johnny V
    Johnny V

    Plz someone make a video without that male with curly hair who thinks he is a woman. Cant be bothered to watch it with him in it

  • Thao Le
    Thao Le

    if only we knew the actual answers... otherwise this is pointless.

  • spywolf2077

    vik bought a million dollar mansion after the scene roasted i kinda feel bad for josh

  • Forefather Of Mankind
    Forefather Of Mankind

    Damn ... VIKk gets destroyed in every one of these shows ... Maybe coz he's small ... And Josh too ... Breaks my heart 💔 😅

  • Blarkkeys!

    Sidemen merchandise is fire AF... Damn that am in SA.... I'd love me some 🥺🥺🥺

  • Theo Radimo
    Theo Radimo

    The Man too young to have money later Baught a house 🙂for flex sack

  • Meruemo

    Didn't watch this cuz I don't know where they bring these girls from. They look like clapped feminists. Like why not bring actually decent looking girls above a 5

  • Legend

    There's a reason why these girls are on hinge 🙄

  • Taha El Basri
    Taha El Basri

    Tobi ego 📈📈📈📈📈📈📈

  • Simply Love
    Simply Love

    If I would rate my top 3 sidemen here's mine: 1. Vik 2. Josh 3. Simon

  • Sanjay

    These 2 lady’s are so annoying

  • Anuga Perera
    Anuga Perera


  • Chibi Gamer
    Chibi Gamer

    Man Curly kinda racist sounding tbh, Vik a fine dude 9/10

  • Abhimanyu Meel
    Abhimanyu Meel

    Oh My God!!!! mad respect to Josh and Vik after watching this video man!!

  • Beth Byrne
    Beth Byrne

    the outfits of the girls were dead tings

  • Shāngxīn💔 hé  Méng miàn
    Shāngxīn💔 hé Méng miàn

    Why is there “cut” with an arrow pointing to Vik in the thumbnail…

    • The FedoOo
      The FedoOo


  • Abdul Haji
    Abdul Haji

    “Cocky inbetweeners”🤣

  • Darkness Devours
    Darkness Devours

    38:51 We've got Knowledge, Stink, and Integrity here.


    How do they find women who don't know who they are ? Specially in the UK ?

  • Harith 0silver
    Harith 0silver

    NGL both of them clap, each of the sidemen gf is more attractive 😏

  • Ali Aziz
    Ali Aziz

    Poor Vik True King Vik

  • Megan Warner
    Megan Warner

    I don’t like them two

  • abdelhak mahdi
    abdelhak mahdi

    They want to be like that 40 years old milk from tinder, but they fucking fail miserably

  • Shreyas Dharashivkar
    Shreyas Dharashivkar

    what the heck is going on with that girl's outfit 😋😋😜

  • Ball is life
    Ball is life

    Julie : 2:18 Vik: Made a vid of him buying a big house *Vik was seen holding his ego throughout knowing that he'll drop a vid of his new palace. Big money vik doing business. 🏦


    honestly, these 2 women were the most disrespectful and annoying out of the whole group, there is a limit of fooling around, and these two just went way past that.

  • omar farah
    omar farah

    People are stupidly comparing jj wealth to vik like jj has 10+ million worth of real estate that alone is more than vik entire net worth. Jj has close to 8 billion views on HRless how much you think he made from that.

  • Lazzero


  • gabe Tabori
    gabe Tabori

    Thecurly hair girl knows who ksi is they bullshitting

  • احمد علي
    احمد علي

    يانعلي و خلاص

  • Vegito Blue
    Vegito Blue

    Vik bought a mansion after this for him and the misses


    This disrespect to VIK.

  • Jennie Wright
    Jennie Wright

    I would LOVE to see the sidemen do this, but they're the ones judging women. The absolute meltdown if you didn't describe every girl as perfect would be hilarious.

    • FFFire Wolf
      FFFire Wolf

      The internet would get so fucking pissed at them. Theres no chance.

  • irishadarih


  • Naman Momaya 360
    Naman Momaya 360

    31:18 Vik lost it for right reasons

  • E M
    E M

    The ginger one is annoying

  • It’s Caleeb
    It’s Caleeb

    The girl on the right is quite fit ngl lol

  • darknight

    43 minutes of that woman's witch laughter makes me wanna punch a wall

  • Young Toucan
    Young Toucan

    Curly hair chick mad annoying

  • Lil FatCat
    Lil FatCat

    They did our boy vik bad

  • Devils shadow
    Devils shadow

    so let's me get this straight josh = the older one ethan = dad's short simon= in between us guy what about the others


    If you look at all 3 videos, the editors are rating who the most attractive, smelliest and strongest sidemen are in the thumbnails. Little easter egg LOL

  • M.A.S

    Julies laugh is ear bleeding

  • nia789789789

    Harry hyping Vik up on the best in bed question, immediate regret when he takes Vik's place at 6

  • Luca Iacovella
    Luca Iacovella

    I can’t stand these two ffs

  • KÖBI

    Harry and Vik runnin em streets 😂

  • Severus Snape
    Severus Snape

    12:45 wait... JJ's got a gold tooth?


      yo wtf

  • abdilahi


  • DSRReacts

    Vik probably earned more from minecraft than these girls combined could in 4 lifetimes.

  • DSRReacts

    These were the worst 2 out of the 6

  • Bobby Jim
    Bobby Jim

    26:29 someone pls make an edit of this pause at 26:29

  • Its Thomas
    Its Thomas

    kinda funny to think theyre judging whos poor, when all of the sidemen could buy their whole family's belongings

  • Daniel Harkness
    Daniel Harkness

    32:18 best roast of the sidemen channel by far

  • David Loo
    David Loo

    Bro, Vik hot tho and he smart bruh

  • shane bhanot
    shane bhanot

    JJ with the epic intro again lol

  • Hi Mik
    Hi Mik

    Have you ever notice Yourself that this whole sidemen recommended videos appeared to your next video to watch? Wtf trying to have peace for my next music video to watch

  • Aidan Li
    Aidan Li

    i like how the thumbnail's implying that Vik's uncut

  • Suvy

    just me or are they annoying?

  • Araf Hs
    Araf Hs

    We want Rachel back

  • Naina Naina
    Naina Naina

    ethan looks damn hott at 23:13

  • Devils shadow
    Devils shadow

    ben askern moving mad

  • Olive

    I hate them but I'll sacrifice myself to watch the boys

  • muaz lokman
    muaz lokman

    19.00 Vik stay there very sadly

  • DisPlay

    yo the title is kinda mad

  • Lars

    Ask Vik ID? What do the minors in England look like? Like Jason Momoa?


    How does the footballers be the laziest (Simon and Harry) 43:07

  • PK 0302
    PK 0302

    Both of these girls need an ego check 😂 they’re average at best and would be lucky to land someone like Vik.

  • mia♡︎

    how has no one said anything about how we’ve had to listen to the ginger ones laugh for 43 minutes oml😭

    • Pinnacle

      On god, it left me some brain damage

    • Connie

      Full trip laugh so annoying

  • Si mon
    Si mon

    this tw0 are annoying

  • Abdul_Rehman Gaming
    Abdul_Rehman Gaming

    Anyone Rachel @ on insta

    • YankeeGamesHD


    • Sean MMA
      Sean MMA

      I’m trying

  • Shade

    What's their instas? Anyone know?

  • Hakimi Muhammad
    Hakimi Muhammad

    That laugh is mad annoying after 10minutes watching this vid

  • A M
    A M

    Curly girl fancied Ethan if you couldn’t tell (helping out the brothers who might not have had much experience with girls before) 🤣🤣🤣

  • Conner Llunn
    Conner Llunn

    Josh quotes 'Old spaghetti cock'🤣🤣

  • Barnaby Kariuki
    Barnaby Kariuki

    That curly haired girl had a lot of attitude for someone who's on Hinge 😂😂

  • Ckrockk

    Bro she said “it doesn’t count if your sleeping with the rotten ones” camera immediately pans to JJ

    • Ckrockk

      Did my guy so dirty

  • Liam Bickerstaff
    Liam Bickerstaff

    3 follow up *unseen* more sidemen videos from the sidemen main vid? Enjoy your holiday lads, wherever you are xx

  • Gislain Rurangwa
    Gislain Rurangwa

    12:49 just noticed jj's golden tooth

  • skeeter peeter
    skeeter peeter

    isnt this just the side men sunday

  • Esther

    John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. Here’s a reminder of how much God loves you, God bless you🤍