The Sidemen ROAST KSI's New Album

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  • Sus Above
    Sus Above

    i like the part where they roasted ksi new album

  • Itsjackinth3hat

    I wish Among Us was still a thing...Those videos were top-tier

  • Harvey Ashworth
    Harvey Ashworth

    why did Ethan draw himself so dark

  • Ryan Posadas
    Ryan Posadas

    Tomska is looking for Harry to draw his next ASDF Movie

  • Shaggy !
    Shaggy !

    Harry: “I’m getting good at drawing Ethan ya know?” Also Harry: *draws a giant ball of meat*

  • neznam spojeno
    neznam spojeno

    i like how harry is drawing ethan more thick every round

  • endze

    Check Out My Latest Compilation Of Sidemen TikToks!

  • tpwk tpwk
    tpwk tpwk

    Wow Ethans drawing of the aotp album cover was really impressive

  • Bogdan Imreorov
    Bogdan Imreorov

    I need More of this


    Btw simon’s face in the thumbnail looks he is about to give some platinum

  • davin 478
    davin 478

    New Netflix

  • cornzz

    4:40 how the tables turn

  • Trisha Cute drawing
    Trisha Cute drawing

    Thanks for the video

  • WildBoy NM
    WildBoy NM

    Wtf is this bruhhhh, like sidemen are coo but I aint in kindergarten to watch someone draw and find that coo

    • The Fish In Your Basement
      The Fish In Your Basement

      Its fun if you play it with your friends.

    • tpwk tpwk
      tpwk tpwk

      alright then click off

  • It's a Journey
    It's a Journey

    Sidemen always hate on ksi

  • Epic Gamer
    Epic Gamer

    Day 2 of asking for sidemen wii sports

  • Rashed Elamin
    Rashed Elamin

    Love the editing. Not too long, not too short! 2:45 LMAOOOOO 3:36 XD 3:58 IM WEAK 5:03 Josh is actually sick 7:21 AYO WHATTTTTT THATS A VIOOOOLLLAAATTIION 7:46 This is sick as well 7:54 TOBI IS EAST TO THE WEST LMAO 9:45 from Gymshark to this.. 11:46 "you're my holiday" oml 12:47 RAH. FROM GYMSHARK ON A LEGO, TO THISSSSS

  • Simon Zammit
    Simon Zammit

    Ayo josh low key good at drawing tho

  • Nathan Lhoni
    Nathan Lhoni

    The way Harry draws Ethan is too jokes man ffs😂😂😂😂

  • RaptorBrawler04 _
    RaptorBrawler04 _

    the sidemen should create a reddit and do reactions together

  • Last Bullet
    Last Bullet

    More of this game! It was so funny!!

  • Manladan

    You lot need to think of new prompts

  • FizzyDrink

    6:59 7:44

  • HughJiddick

    Ethans octopus just looked like a balaclava with a few likes underneath😭

  • CntrldChaos

    Nobody: Harry's webcam when he draws: 👁️👃👁️

  • Arya Jogi
    Arya Jogi

    This is so dead without jj

  • Evandion Kurniadi
    Evandion Kurniadi

    They should actually make an AOTP tier list though

  • Greg Rodrigues
    Greg Rodrigues

    Actual title : The sidemen ROAST behzinga

  • Cynthia Garay
    Cynthia Garay

    We love this game also 💕💕

  • TimL

    On a semi unrelated note to the video, as an American I'm very confused as to why they gas the song with Lil Durk so much. Is Durk a big artist in the UK? Do they think the song is that good? It seems to be all anyone talks about and I'm obviously not upset just super curious

  • Emmett Newton
    Emmett Newton

    Notice Simon and Josh wearing the same t shirt

  • Henry Schmidt
    Henry Schmidt

    I don’t think Vik understands that you cant write words he literally just writes what his prompt says

  • shasky taveras
    shasky taveras

    I literally thought they were reacting to the album lol

  • Jaguwa


  • Abunazar Shaikh
    Abunazar Shaikh

    How quiet it was without jj

  • Evgen K
    Evgen K

    COMING SOON just incredible and cool live broadcast: Creative Society. Conference 24.07.2021 “Global Crisis. This already concerns everyone." The media do not talk about this. Translated into 65 languages. Weather disasters destroy cities, artificial intelligence leaves people without jobs and other important issues.

  • Bálint Németh
    Bálint Németh

    Ethan: I''m on my NickSmercS shit

  • Mr Teetop
    Mr Teetop

    Fam I’ve been violated it’s fucking gartic phone wtf

  • William DANNAWI
    William DANNAWI

    I wish sidemen gartic phone videos were longer

  • ZenoKun

    The amount of emoji i see in the comment section disgust me

  • Yahir 2002
    Yahir 2002

    -KSI I am out

  • Jordan :P
    Jordan :P

    If ksi is in the title, he is definitely not in the video, its one or the other

  • Varnest Fx
    Varnest Fx

    When is sidemen gonna make soccer videos?

  • Meme Lord
    Meme Lord

    Wtf is this shit boys, don’t do us like that

  • The Riddler
    The Riddler

    7:25 peter griffin

  • Finatron 037
    Finatron 037


  • adam ramirez
    adam ramirez

    who's ready for the annual moo off 😏😏

  • Q Geno15
    Q Geno15

    Harry : ‘you’re my holidayy’ 😂😂😂😂

  • BetterApexPlayer

    The sidemen know how to get attention

  • pvsD

    This aged well

  • NHejslet

    You cam hear Harrys mouse clicking through the entire video...

  • Conasia Wilson
    Conasia Wilson

    the breathing had me dying😭

  • shane bhanot
    shane bhanot

    Sidemen are the goats of Drawing on Gartic phone

  • Mazin Alzadjali
    Mazin Alzadjali

    It's kinda annoying when vikk puts no effort in drawing or guessing

  • The Craggsy Show
    The Craggsy Show

    Still waiting on the mario kart video

  • Mikey

    13:46 wym Ethan??🤨

  • EDP 445
    EDP 445

    Bruh they got me again

  • Imaan Effendi
    Imaan Effendi

    This is the funniest gartic phone game I’ve ever seen from the boys

  • Spxrtex

    11:22 Octopus: Ppppppppuuussssiioooooooooooo

  • pantelope

    yall should buy drawing tablets, you have the money

  • Sam33m

    They put the sidemen logo instead of where our fatneek was supposed to be

  • Ryan Westley-Smith
    Ryan Westley-Smith

    Bring back cards against humanity

  • Paul Holban
    Paul Holban

    If you look on the videos on their second channel only gta and golf get many views also when are we getting another 50,000 dollar race a pub golf or some sort of holiday like the hotel one

  • Daniel Thomas
    Daniel Thomas

    This is class

  • RemindThat

    great clickbait!

  • Savannah Sav
    Savannah Sav


  • Boston Ola
    Boston Ola

    Could yous do more sidemen mine craft plz

  • ShojAAYa

    Who doesn’t love some good clickbait

  • Bhavya Aggarwal
    Bhavya Aggarwal

    i want sidemen to do more among us

  • biggestwasteman

    This is madd click bait

  • egyptian music
    egyptian music

    You know, ksi should actualy join the sidemen! He fits perfectly in

  • bruno sunjic
    bruno sunjic

    MoreSidemen turned to LessSidemen

  • Dm_vivaan

    Why is jj not in the videos anymore

  • Revanth Reddy
    Revanth Reddy

    Unpopular opinion : It is more fun to directly watch the visualization at the end without watching the drawings, makes it so much more funny. That's what the editor tried in the last video and most of the viewers hated it

  • Jay-Jay0705 _DBz
    Jay-Jay0705 _DBz

    Me: *seeing the title and instantly clicking on the vid* Sidemen: Welcome to sidemen gartic phone Ffs


    Will their be a Logan in a moresidemen video. I hope so.

  • Ashley Back
    Ashley Back

    Sidemen are the besy

  • tank cod
    tank cod

    is anybody like me around the age of 13 hates xbox has a ps4 with disc reader broken( cant play disc games) and has friends who has phones and gets to go on every day but you get on for only a hr for one day cos of your sister and its summer holidays ad you go to barking abbbey school lower transitioning into year 9 north east london and its still only two days a week sigh i have to say this i hate arsenal they arre so bad its the truth ngl i support the CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE CHELSEA

  • Thee Compiler
    Thee Compiler

    Make me the most famous commenter👍🏽

  • Fabrizio Mendelzon
    Fabrizio Mendelzon

    I have no fucking clue how this game works but it’s still entertaining cause it’s the sidemen😂

  • Messi Leo
    Messi Leo

    Please sidemen play ultimate chicken horse

  • Nam

    The videos are so much calmer when JJ isn’t in them 😂

    • Nam

      @Abdul Rehman frrrrrr

    • Abdul Rehman
      Abdul Rehman

      And more boring aswell

  • Hannah Savage
    Hannah Savage

    What legends of lads! Couldn’t stop laughing by the end of it. Definitely needed that after the lazy shit day I had. Cheers, Sidemen always know how to cheer me up. Those drawings though 😂🤦‍♀️

  • Hannah Savage
    Hannah Savage

    Harry drawing of Ethan 😂😂🤦‍♀️

  • Permlious

    We still need a mario kart video you promised :/

  • Triple Ghoster
    Triple Ghoster

    7:17 demonetized

  • owo


  • Dman 06
    Dman 06

    Did anyone else notice that Simon and josh wore the same shirt.

  • Blxck RIOTT
    Blxck RIOTT

    Why do y'all attack Ethan and JJ so much 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂keep doing it

  • TigerIsCooler

    y’all really thought ksi would be in the video

  • Pretzel

    So no one else is gonna mention the fact josh and Simon are wearing the same t shirts? No? Just me?

  • Beep Boop
    Beep Boop

    I like the clicking noices

  • eddie Jimenez
    eddie Jimenez

    play golf

  • Mark Maymann
    Mark Maymann

    Notice how Ethan laughs like Kermit

  • Leo Bretho
    Leo Bretho

    anyone else notice the unreleased sidemen clothing t shirts they are wearing

  • Joana Pinto
    Joana Pinto

    love the clickbait, it has become a sidemen signature tbh ahaha

  • VX_Anonymous

    Hey sidemen! Can you do more pro club videos on fifa?


    KSI must react on that

  • AAO Tube
    AAO Tube

    Who else thought they were gonna react to KSI'S album

  • Chulan Vinpura
    Chulan Vinpura

    Clickbait: God Level

    • Two2

      Coca Cola, Sprite and Fanta vs Sparklers - experiment