The Harry Curse
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  • Hamilton Sono
    Hamilton Sono

    These guys don't have team chemistry and they use Harry as a scapegoat when they mess up.

  • Theodwarf

    The opposite of Harry's curse is SpongeBob's blessing

  • Rhys Davies
    Rhys Davies

    So have they stopped the FIFA teams videos?

  • Jaco Doggie
    Jaco Doggie

    whens the next clubs video... its been a MONTH WTFFFFFFFFFFF

    • Puzzle

      They probably will switch over to Fifa 22 so we won't see any clubs videos for a while

  • Hang Kesturi Said
    Hang Kesturi Said

    highlights from our SEA Pro Clubs PC Community League

  • kwesi

    10:33 is actually mad 😂

  • Oler


  • PMS Lightning
    PMS Lightning

    I’m sorry I love Harry and all but he has nearly no tekkers on the sticks

  • Stoner Fc
    Stoner Fc

    3:57 really want to know what Jj said fs😂

  • Kai Ip
    Kai Ip

    So did Vik get his 100?

  • Jo

    a fucking compilation.... This is poor

  • Peter Desyllas
    Peter Desyllas

    Bro I feel bad for Harry

  • 8:56 close your eyes

  • adewole omole
    adewole omole


  • Razvan Mercea
    Razvan Mercea

    10:30 the syncronized clap with the celebration😂😂😂

  • Optɪmus Weege
    Optɪmus Weege




  • Leonhard Neumann
    Leonhard Neumann

    Damn I thought he gonna play Harry Potter on the PS1

  • Charnine Nganu
    Charnine Nganu

    The editing🔥🔥🔥

  • _meerkxt_ ._.
    _meerkxt_ ._.

    Harry:coughs Other team:scores

  • Axel Nack
    Axel Nack

    What's the suspense music (at 2:10 for exemple) ?

  • icantsee

    We have SpongeBob Harry and Harry Potter Harry now

  • bbrayden_ 28
    bbrayden_ 28

    I saw them in more than 10 different games this episode, how many fucking games did they lose lol

  • Arthur Knight
    Arthur Knight

    I love how they blame Harry for everything, totally not the fact that they may have lost the ball or defended poorly.

  • josh kirkin
    josh kirkin

    Is there gonna be another clubs video!?

  • Ninjaverse

    The second clip is more ethans fault tbf

  • endze

    Check Out My Latest Compilation Of Sidemen TikToks!

  • Ali Karar
    Ali Karar

    just saying harry sport england

  • Anonymous

    I guess Harry just spoke too soon ;)

  • God Fall
    God Fall


  • God Fall
    God Fall


  • miko foin
    miko foin

    Can we get a compilation of all the sidemen censored moments 😂

  • Jose Bustamante
    Jose Bustamante

    What could’ve Jj possibly have said at @4:05 to have it be censored?

  • Twaahir Parthasee
    Twaahir Parthasee


  • Saba Batool
    Saba Batool

    Harry speaks Opponents: Avengers assemble

  • Leena Al Medlej
    Leena Al Medlej

    These videos really need cam plus audio, would be epic then!

    • miko foin
      miko foin

      Sponge Bog

  • Ping

    The dead were their own children. Just as previously they said all their idiots were mine, but turned out to be all their own. They said Joe has my child, but he hasn’t. They said 148 has my child, but she hasn’t neither. Seem they were breaking their own neck. We do not get involved.

  • Ping

    There are several places you can be safe: London, but do not see any guests. With your parents.

  • Iftakher Hossain
    Iftakher Hossain

    anyone think its a Pavlovian reaction?

  • NAZZAlife

    10:20 was perfect as soon as he spoke they knew they were gone 😂

  • Tai Bach
    Tai Bach


  • Fe4r

    Harry: Silent for the first time The other team: That was very rude of you *Scores a goal*

  • Thomas Meiss
    Thomas Meiss

    I like how Harry does says anything and it's automatically his fault even if the other guys play like shit

  • jaun the commentator you always see
    jaun the commentator you always see

    lord all mighty 14:44 🤣🤣

  • Sativa

    I swear if I played with the sidemen I would’ve scored goAls after goals

  • Jamaal Smikle Y2J.2
    Jamaal Smikle Y2J.2

    Lets goo Spongebob

  • Gracie CODM
    Gracie CODM

    Yes come to the Lake District in Keswick it’s nice

  • Pokestar 1
    Pokestar 1

    This video stands out of the rest. Made me laugh out loud


    I miss "Harry's fun facts" The "Harry curse" I pretty good too. 😂😂😂

  • Devin H
    Devin H

    Sponge Bog

  • Ping

    You can not go with those people arrived in London. They are not good.

  • Ping

    Be careful. Use an excuse and not see it.

  • SyroxxHD

    0:03, the 6th comment (by DinoFlare07) was copied from the 1st comment (by Mr Wolt) you can tell it from the sheer like difference and Mr Wolt is verified

  • Coop G
    Coop G

    Vikks getting better and Harry is just getting worse 😂😂

  • Commander1SUV

    Feel bad for Harry. The sidemen are just all shit and they decide to use Harry as an excuse for their ineptness.

  • Marcel Ngini
    Marcel Ngini

    At this point the Harry Curse is a self fulfilling prophecy

  • Thái Anh
    Thái Anh

    Harry: speaks The other team: *turn into 2009-2010 Barca* Example: 2:05

  • Allain Angcao
    Allain Angcao

    Sidemen FC: YOU CAN’T DEFEAT ME Division 1: I know… but he can… *Harry opens his mouth*

  • Absolute Absurd
    Absolute Absurd

    11:19 what was that noise XD

  • arnav

    Is nobody gonna talk about this synchronised clap 10:32

  • Hector Carrillo
    Hector Carrillo

    Anyone know the song @ 3:14

  • jop frenken
    jop frenken

    They use that as a excuse for their own poor performance

  • WGdayne

    harry is the fifa scapegoat

  • Martiplayer


  • Zoheb

    "you're a wizard harry"

  • Brian Rosenblatt
    Brian Rosenblatt

    World class video right here

  • Mwazauli Phiri
    Mwazauli Phiri

    Sidemen are turning into fifa noobs

  • ItsMCuz

    03:09 whats the name of the song?

  • Alden Sova
    Alden Sova

    The most click bait title of all time. Well played.

  • Riaz Ahmed
    Riaz Ahmed

    10:00 Randolph??

  • Reuben Lim
    Reuben Lim

    The last part🤣

  • Tharsan J
    Tharsan J

    lit ep.


    You know it’s bad when sidemen can make a tire video of just Harry’s curse.

  • Taiten Harrison
    Taiten Harrison

    You guys have done harry so dirty but once again another day you guys put a smile on my face 😊

  • Parvathy VJ
    Parvathy VJ

    Harry is like the audio version of death note

  • Kaleb Cooper
    Kaleb Cooper

    5:00 if he didn’t talk he would’ve caught it

  • The Donkey
    The Donkey

    How do you play pro clubs together? because It doesn't let me only go against my friends

  • Max Parrish
    Max Parrish

    Lol 😂 to spongebob Harry I watch the whole video I love it so much it made me laugh 😂

  • Ryan Lague
    Ryan Lague

    Anyone get reminded of Honest Trailers at the start of the video

  • Tranquilizer

    3:58 what did ksi says?

  • Matthew Kisel
    Matthew Kisel

    Way more Harry curse moments than I thought this was outrageous 😂😂😂

  • Young Teezy
    Young Teezy

    Can I just say Harry makes every proclub video funny. This man has no filter. Shizzzz... Lol.

  • Atiq Zailani
    Atiq Zailani

    10:32 uuuu perfectly sync

  • Abdullah Sajid
    Abdullah Sajid

    Is this the same Harry who challenged KSI for a pink slip player and actually won that match?

  • Daniel Maldonado
    Daniel Maldonado


  • Rohit Ajith
    Rohit Ajith

    Hagrid: Yer A Wizard Harry...

  • Night King 48
    Night King 48

    This is GREAT

  • Harvey Clips
    Harvey Clips

    At this rate they'll need a muzzle for harry

  • Akshay Nanda
    Akshay Nanda

    yall say harry curse but literally everyone was so shit they can't blame it on harry

  • Ryan's Collections
    Ryan's Collections

    Great vid!

  • Senpai Soar
    Senpai Soar

    I get it’s a running joke but like it’s dead joke. Like literally every episode when the opposing team is on attack Harry says some shit like that it’s obviously on purpose and it’s truly not funny any more, like we get it haha haha but it makes the vid unwatchable if it’s the same joke every 15 sec

  • Alisha Lowry
    Alisha Lowry

    man like harry spongebob

  • joel ebanks
    joel ebanks

    Someone got murdered in the end with the skills

  • Callz Clarky
    Callz Clarky

    most legendary start to a video!! *when Harrold Lewis opens his mouth doom befalls Sidemen FC*

  • beeggae

    No offence to the sidemen, their main channel content has banger content, but nothing beats pro clubs.

  • Angelos Karadimos
    Angelos Karadimos

    15 minutes of absolute brilliant content is daylight robbery

  • shaker mahdi
    shaker mahdi

    Its confirmed the curse is reall!!!

  • Jeremy W.
    Jeremy W.

    So basically they found a new way to pitch a compilation video. nice

  • Savannah Sav
    Savannah Sav


  • Gouken1995

    This took me way too long to realise this was a compilation vid

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