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  • Douglas Nilsson
    Douglas Nilsson



    JJ got the lowest individual score and he is the artist 🤣🤣🤣 now that’s sus 😹😹

  • Matthew Eagle
    Matthew Eagle

    modern music is drosss

  • Zakariia

    Call me maybe is not an early 00´s song lol. its form 2012

  • Pc Dave
    Pc Dave


  • theresa cangelosi
    theresa cangelosi

    idk y vik is super annoying in this to me

  • Ash Baker
    Ash Baker

    Got excited because of Simon's outfit in the thumbnail, Thought it was Stephen Tries...

  • Sheckz

    Respect to Ethan for being there during the passing of his grandad, being around your closest friend is always the best way to cope with it

  • Mcnoge

    16:58 let s be realistic, simon just wanted to save jj at that point

  • sebflo

    How tf is one direction in Early 2000s....


    Ksi looks rlly upset to be in this video lol

  • Anubhav Verma
    Anubhav Verma

    josh really is old, he got 8 points in the 90s round :(

  • Obeleri Nzube
    Obeleri Nzube

    What's up with y'all and liking Harry for one direction

  • Gioele Engelhart
    Gioele Engelhart

    Shout out to Josh for his Inter kit, I’m not an Inter fan but glad to see Serie A represented!

  • Sanket Gurung
    Sanket Gurung

    Best Song Ever by One Direction is 2013 and call me may be is 2011 🥲 not 2000,s

  • Shāngxīn💔 hé  Méng miàn
    Shāngxīn💔 hé Méng miàn

    Simon is literally wearing the asexual flag without knowing, lol…

  • Erin Lobo
    Erin Lobo

    When I heard 1D I screamed and slapped my bed….I may have forgotten my phone was on my bed, so I’m currently icing my hand, but at least 1D was played🤦🏽‍♀️😭😭😂😂

  • Wallace Faso
    Wallace Faso

    The envious customer thermodynamically back because offence connolly protect till a afraid sleet. raspy, impossible delivery

  • Joe Williams
    Joe Williams

    You didn't have any metal or heavy metal.

  • Muhitツ

    Sidemen >> bts


    anyone know the song that plays in between rounds?

  • Lauretta Flack
    Lauretta Flack

    Harry knowing one direction best song ever and struggling with the rest says a lot about him.

  • Laura O'Donnell
    Laura O'Donnell

    Big up Simon with the Rekordelig strawberry and lime cider. That is a top tier cider company.

  • BulkyFlipper

    how did it take them so long to get black or white by michael jackson -__-

  • billkill1274

    I know I’m 3 weeks late and they won’t see this. DO AN ICONIC MOVIE THEME one of these. Like Jurassic Park, Star Wars, The Good Bad and Ugly, Ghostbusters, Pirates of the Caribbean etc. would be goated video

  • Jake

    What's the backing track called The one they used between songs?

  • Hiba Khan
    Hiba Khan

    what happened to tobi

  • Diogo Simoes
    Diogo Simoes

    How does the music guy score the less points?

  • bouytt guyt
    bouytt guyt

    you can’t imagine how happy i was the moment i heard best song ever and harry guessing it is just even better

  • Reece Walker
    Reece Walker

    Play this game but instead of music to songs do songs from tv series intros n that

  • Mike Orr
    Mike Orr

    Now playlist was a fat L

  • TNSverse

    Lol They all live in UK and didnt know One Direction 😂😂😂

  • Alfie Mountford
    Alfie Mountford

    3:30 watch vik cheating😂

    • bouytt guyt
      bouytt guyt

      Darude’s Sandstorm was definitely a 2000s song but I’ll allow it

  • Aditi

    harry guessing the best song ever had me crying of happiness

  • ADropOfHappiness

    MV rất hay, i like it 🤗🙃❤️

  • Wesley Miller
    Wesley Miller

    I only heard Yummy of the current era, ig we don’t listen to the same shit in the states

  • Saketh Kumar Reddy Chagari
    Saketh Kumar Reddy Chagari

    New music specialist of sidemen is ETHAN!

  • PyroRemoN

    Music now sucks compared to 5 years ago and earlier.


    i only knew boom boom pow and call me maybe not sure if im happy or dissapointed

  • FFL

    As the grampa Josh easly won the 90s round

  • Alex Olariu
    Alex Olariu

    Where’s Tobi?

  • IG rayyz
    IG rayyz

    They were so close to being sat in the correct order of scores 😭

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl

    The 90's look of Simon was more like an old blind dude specially while he's trying to play the song xD

    • Macarios Kindamba
      Macarios Kindamba

      The 90s round were full of songs Gen Zedders think were released in the 90s lol, same with the noughties

  • Brandon S
    Brandon S

    Ethan I guessed apple bottom jeans too

  • darknight

    Josh absolutely smashed it!

  • Safin Khan
    Safin Khan

    2000- and now is sooo easy 😂😂

  • Justin

    Darude’s Sandstorm was definitely a 2000s song but I’ll allow it

    • Rock girl
      Rock girl

      *Early 21st century

  • Baqir Raza
    Baqir Raza

    is this vikk‘s new house?

  • Hacked


  • Noorhan Maktabi
    Noorhan Maktabi

    Harry getting 1D made my year

  • Rajdeep Patil
    Rajdeep Patil

    I realised our man Toby was not there :(

  • Jesus is Not God
    Jesus is Not God

    I’m seeing the sdmn run out of ideas fast on this channel and on the Sunday channel

  • oiuet souiu
    oiuet souiu

    you can’t imagine how happy i was the moment i heard best song ever and harry guessing it is just even better

  • Vik Pan
    Vik Pan

    The kindly furniture concomitantly land because norwegian endoscopically call unto a nutritious banana. grumpy, resonant tune

  • Loretta Cirelli
    Loretta Cirelli

    10:20 Your welcome

  • kolim jone
    kolim jone

    I’m so happy that Harry got Best Song Ever, it’s made my day 😂🥺

    • oiuet souiu
      oiuet souiu

      I thought apple bottom jeans too I think the start is the same

  • James Mardardy
    James Mardardy

    love how harry knew the 1d song before anyone else


    early 2000s looks good on simon tbh, he should always wear stuff like that, lowkey fire

  • bocoy noiu
    bocoy noiu

    you can’t imagine how happy i was the moment i heard best song ever and harry guessing it is just even better

  • robert 0
    robert 0

    It's mad how Ethan is the least knowledgeable person when he's sat next to JJ 🤣🤣

    • kolim jone
      kolim jone

      you can’t imagine how happy i was the moment i heard best song ever and harry guessing it is just even better

  • FTW Tech
    FTW Tech

    *Early 21st century

  • DeaconMarsh17

    Jesus loves you so much. Please spread the gospel before it’s too late

  • youhate_aj

    I respect ethan for filming after finding out his grandpa died my grandpa died a few days ago so Ik how he feels

    • bocoy noiu
      bocoy noiu

      "timbaland t-pain apple bottom jeans"


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  • Hannah Matherly
    Hannah Matherly

    Ethan is obviously just sad. I don’t like seeing him like this. Prayers for he and his family.

  • Aryan Duggal
    Aryan Duggal

    Bruh I barely know any song of 90s and 00s and even current 😑

  • Brian Arebalo
    Brian Arebalo

    4:10 i already knew it before the lyrics

  • owenraps


  • owenraps


  • owenraps


  • Dark Nova67
    Dark Nova67

    I thought apple bottom jeans too I think the start is the same

  • Zakaria Nayif
    Zakaria Nayif

    Simon is a great host

  • ROD1

    this video was filmed at the biggest house in england

  • seeni gzty
    seeni gzty

    you can’t imagine how happy i was the moment i heard best song ever and harry guessing it is just even better

  • asioe kiou
    asioe kiou

    you can’t imagine how happy i was the moment i heard best song ever and harry guessing it is just even better

  • Magnus Ravn Herche
    Magnus Ravn Herche

    Where is Tobi?

    • Spaceface

      I'm gonna assume it was because of covid

  • dario fkxv
    dario fkxv

    "timbaland t-pain apple bottom jeans"

    • seeni gzty
      seeni gzty


  • RUSH3L

    Simon got a claim for playing One direction alot lol😆

  • Tean Ratsastus elämää
    Tean Ratsastus elämää

    Finnish music in their video😌

    • asioe kiou
      asioe kiou

      where is tobyyyyyy

  • OGFOZ09

    3:55 vik looked at the song and then wrote it down

  • Darren Grant
    Darren Grant

    Am I the only one that puts Mclovin in the fit Simon's wearing?

  • jeet kshatriya
    jeet kshatriya

    4:48 look at Harry

  • jessica castro
    jessica castro


  • H K
    H K

    vik was right wtf were those 90's songs HAHA

  • Rashed Elamin
    Rashed Elamin

    4:26 If TikTok-ers don't know about every song being Darude Sandstorm, it's their loss. 6:42 I'm actually unbelievably gassed right now. I haven't heard that song since middle school 17:27 Simon is so good at the suspense pauses


    was abt to start throwing fist w them almost not guessing michael jackson

  • Valter Johansson
    Valter Johansson

    swedish cider


    The fact that josh got the highest points in the 90's category is hilarious

  • Shannon Rogers
    Shannon Rogers

    Harry loving one direction brings me joy 😍

  • fjurifi


  • Yee Hee
    Yee Hee

    where is tobyyyyyy

  • biboss tube 3
    biboss tube 3

    Ethan ain’t doing anything haha prerecorded vid you guys are fools

  • Geoff L.
    Geoff L.

    I miss this music...

  • Saniity

    Wheres Tobi?

    • d m
      d m

      had covid

  • Neive Broughton
    Neive Broughton

    Why is no one talking about how well Josh did?

  • Tronci

    Who's gonna tell Harry that the bee gees are from the 60s/70s

  • Umar bey 1
    Umar bey 1


  • Umar bey 1
    Umar bey 1

    Where is tpbi

  • Chloe Williams
    Chloe Williams

    harry knowing best song ever makes me so happy

  • eioshen boboi
    eioshen boboi

    Harry out here making me proud with the one direction song 😌

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