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  • FML Beats
    FML Beats

    14:12 ratio

  • Lauren Herbert
    Lauren Herbert

    jeez "everyone has a price" speak for yourself, you'd think they had enough money but still, they questioning microwaving a baby for a mill😂jokessss no shade!! but deffo in between two minds, can't tell if I'm disturbed or intrigued!!! Got more deep than a Jeffery epstein documentary 🧐

  • Ibri Muca
    Ibri Muca

    just wanna say ksi is reltable “tryna finnish when they finnish”

  • Ahzidag

    JJ: ok loser has to press the button with their forehead

  • Habeeba Sayed
    Habeeba Sayed

    JJ: then what else do u have? Josh: a life 2.14.

  • M1N


  • AnimeDrummer

    3:30 on the behind the scenes jj mentioned he watched nose f&cking and everyone was surprised at it even kon search it and was scared from it🤣🤣🤣

  • oGingZ

    12:43 bro lmao

  • Ired Anjum
    Ired Anjum

    18:34 - Vik be losing brain cells at this point

  • Nathan R
    Nathan R

    Viks face in the thumbnail 😂😂

  • Nathan R
    Nathan R

    My respect for jj 📈📈

  • Nathan R
    Nathan R

    When JJ is the most responsible

  • Maude Caron
    Maude Caron

    I like how JJ holds Tobi for half of the video 😂

  • ben whitchelo
    ben whitchelo

    Wanna know what he said

  • Hxkter YT
    Hxkter YT

    no matter how many times i see that outro i still think its sick

  • createdbyjstn

    ksi is mad!! side+ revealed what he said loooool

  • Amy

    3:30 side+ members know what he said😏😏

  • Aaron O'Reilly
    Aaron O'Reilly

    This was abit fucked wasn't it hahhahah

  • Wabbit

    sideman talking about hittin kids

  • GAD

    People from sideplus knows what he said. Ksi is defo weird

  • Oliver Nunn
    Oliver Nunn

    Behz do u mean parent not parents

  • TheSquib


  • sparrow

    the ksi porn clip killed me lmfao. the sidemen reaction was hilarious

  • alep9610

    I don't think the guys realise that if a muscle has no fat it doesn't mean its a nice tasting piece of meat. If the meat that you eat has worked a lot, it's typically a very chewy tough, gristley piece of meat. Hence why fillet is the best cut of a cow as it literally does nothing, its just carried around all day every day

  • •SxlenT•

    I’m not surprised if they buried someone for not doing a good camera Angle

  • Blake Tremain
    Blake Tremain

    The microwave was invented for heating up frozen rats back to life safely so the baby would probably be fine

  • Kingzy

    *Mcdonalds Is humain meat boyssss*

  • Sarthak Mathur
    Sarthak Mathur

    I loved the sidemen until I hear that they are ok with strangling a puppy and microwaving there own baby for money. Damn guys why?

  • TheBindy1234

    This is all kinds of messed up. Why would you make a video about this. Not funny things to joke about.

  • Moe

    ksi: gets a child endangerment strike on his channel Moresidemen: lets put kids in microwaves and beat them up

  • parker gale
    parker gale

    I was thinking about step brothers when Harry was talking about beating up the kids on the playground

  • Gaming with Jash
    Gaming with Jash

    12:46 😅me too

  • Tom Iric Donato
    Tom Iric Donato

    16:32 Harry protecting his button

  • Tom Iric Donato
    Tom Iric Donato

    11:00 LMAO Vikk

  • chely ಌಌ chanಌ
    chely ಌಌ chanಌ

    Lmao, without tobi, the sidemen woulda been cancelled long ago 😂😂 tobi keeps them in check

  • lakanto

    I'm having the worst period cramps and this making me laugh is making it feel just a little better

  • Ayy ! It's Tasha
    Ayy ! It's Tasha

    They never said the microwave would be on

  • kimox xo
    kimox xo

    12:50 i agree with jj i also try to finish when they finish in the vid


    12:45 jj makes sure he comes to the same conclusion.

  • Tare Legend
    Tare Legend

    Lmao JJ finishin when they finish i was the only one

  • Anian Wernberger
    Anian Wernberger

    Putting a Baby in a Microwave. Thats so..........! And they even dont know how Microwaves work! SAD REALLY SAD

  • Grxdge

    Why should u trust God👑? •He knows u by name •He will fight for u •He thinks abt u •He has plans for u •He will never leave ur side Amen✝️💕✨

    • PARTH Asha
      PARTH Asha


  • Adam Sharland
    Adam Sharland

    This video is gonna get a strike for certain. Child harm

    • Dat Cheesecake Boi
      Dat Cheesecake Boi

      It's been 2 weeks with no strikes

  • Joe Cook
    Joe Cook

    Someone needs to animate Harry talking about fighting 15 kids in a park

  • Soy Saucing
    Soy Saucing

    Why was jj drinking his drink with the cup holder still on 😂😂😂😂

  • Al-amin Ogunbiyi
    Al-amin Ogunbiyi

    baby killers

  • Utkarsh Tripathi
    Utkarsh Tripathi

    You guys are all budding psychopaths for that puppy thing. If everything has a price tell me the price for strangling your mothers with your own hands.

    • Dat Cheesecake Boi
      Dat Cheesecake Boi

      Or am I thinking of a different question

    • Dat Cheesecake Boi
      Dat Cheesecake Boi

      They didnt say it had to be on

  • Slimey

    1. JJ, he's the one who'd be the least upset about it. 2. No, I'm perfectly fine with staying friends. 3. Twitter followers, because I don't have any. 4. Just not gonna answer this one. 5. Not in a million years for any amount of money. 6. Not in a million years for any amount of money (again). 7. If this was phrased as "if you had to watch one of these, which one would you pick?" then I'd answer, but since it's "would you rather?" I'm just gonna say neither and shut my eyes. 8. Doesn't matter if it's me or the screen that's upside down, I watch too much motorsports for it to be upside down. 9. Really depends on what the child has done. And even then, I probably wouldn't be able to do it, no matter the age. 10. Be able to control space, time and matter. I can now do everything you could possibly name.

  • dewwie

    for the dog question i would do it for 500 Billion dollars so i can donate the money to all the dogs and people in need so the dog would have died for a good cause.

  • Kyle Hollywood
    Kyle Hollywood

    Can we get a part 2?

  • юрий

    love that they’re just casually talking about josh pushing a kid over


    were is Tobi when you need him, I swear without Tobi the Sidemen should be called Darkmen

  • skinnydudeisalive

    3:43 this is side man but cannibal

  • MeJustAimy

    I love vic's humour its the same as mine xD

  • Full Send
    Full Send

    wow this was darker than i expected

  • Mouthfullof_

    18:42 Harry's comment was best part of this video

  • Luis Ramos
    Luis Ramos

    Ok am I the only one wondering why jj doesn't take the cup out when he wants to drink. Just me ???

  • Ajdin Harcevic
    Ajdin Harcevic

    JJ survive the longest because you need fat to survive and plenty of it in the ass hahaha

  • Cr7xKing Gaming
    Cr7xKing Gaming

    I can kill person for 100mil but bot puppy im sorry 😢

  • Itz Ninja
    Itz Ninja

    The roomy freeze expectantly subtract because screen contrastingly paste aside a secret kilometer. finicky, adorable deposit

  • Jadeh


  • Apex Clapper
    Apex Clapper

    12:45 👀Hahaha yea Jjs the only one hhahahahahahahaah

  • irishadarih


  • Ginny Board
    Ginny Board

    Very Funny video!!

  • qopoy dnon
    qopoy dnon

    JJ: im comfortable with my sexuality Also JJ: gets shy when Simon

  • Tuber Uber
    Tuber Uber

    Bro a 100mil for a poppy it’s just a fucking poppy 10€


    12:43 WHAT ! i reallty thought everyone does like this 😯

  • viiont eooiy
    viiont eooiy

    “Be honest who else is a few hours late”😂

  • Firefenex1996

    KSI getting banned for child endangerment and they think talking about putting a baby in a microwave and the youngest age child they are willing to beat up.... idk the rules of what you can say, bit they are walking a thin line lol

  • Sofie AHP
    Sofie AHP

    On a real note wasn't there an experiment done on making people really think about dark questions like this and they found that the people's mental health went really bad?

  • bocoy noiu
    bocoy noiu

    Josh saying “yeah I’ve had enough of this one (puppy)” is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard from him

    • viiont eooiy
      viiont eooiy

      The one takeaway I got from this video is - Harry has a girlfriend

  • Ellis Ruby
    Ellis Ruby

    officially lost a shit load of respect for ethan at this point. wow.

  • Abolfazl MM
    Abolfazl MM

    Harry: I'll kill a puppy for a fresh one. 😂😂😂😂

  • Máté Gál
    Máté Gál

    The baby in the microwave question doesnt say if you have to start the microwave. Just unplug it and put the bastard in.

    • bocoy noiu
      bocoy noiu

      We now know that Tobi's absence means the rest of the sidemen descend into chaos...

  • Shubham Gulekar
    Shubham Gulekar

    3:55 to 4:25 today on canabalism MasterChef 😂😂

  • LORD this n that
    LORD this n that


  • bodoti qwiu
    bodoti qwiu

    We now know that Tobi's absence means the rest of the sidemen descend into chaos...

  • lloydf

    Most of the vid itself was outrageous in some of the things they agreed to etc but harry bringing it into a real life situation🤣...."i had this thought the other day while i was queueing for my vaccination.....that i reckon id be able to take every kid in a fight(in the nearbye park)"🤣. He thought that while everyone else were being outrageous, he had the chance to mention his "thought" and he took the chance🤣. Nah harry that might not be as mad as what some of the others said about the microwave and ethan saying he'd kick a 1 yr old but theyre all hypothetical questions he was answering. Harry just came in with one of his day to day thoughts🤣

  • lloydf

    This video really surprised me, jj is the one youd expect to be the least mature and least sensitive but he seems to be the one questioning the others (ethan, harry etc) "what is wrong with u"🤣

  • Amelia

    What does ratio mean in jj’s context ?

    • bodoti qwiu
      bodoti qwiu

      If Ksi was a furry I'd stop supporting him

  • Khair Nisa
    Khair Nisa


  • Ermme Oruch
    Ermme Oruch

    *her:"he is probably out cheating rn"* *me and the bois:* 6:16

  • Mr. SMYL Lee
    Mr. SMYL Lee

    About that. putting the baby in the microwave the question didn't specify that the microwave is on

  • Lylah Hulston
    Lylah Hulston

    Since when was JJ nicer then vikk😂

  • Just a Like Button
    Just a Like Button

    Gonna need some context on josh pushing a child over and Harry spitting on one...

  • keziakarunwi

    The one takeaway I got from this video is - Harry has a girlfriend

  • Naomi Robertson
    Naomi Robertson

    I now understand why Ethan’s dad didn’t come back after getting the milk 😬😂

  • DJUS Dehen
    DJUS Dehen

    Who Said anything about the microwave being on

  • opzz xsin
    opzz xsin

    We now know that Tobi's absence means the rest of the sidemen descend into chaos...

  • GirlsLikeMySpaghetti


  • Xemphas

    This is gold.

  • 4.0.4 error
    4.0.4 error

    The poor women that have any of these men's children

  • D33K4YY

    You don't have to turn on the microwave. The question just says put the baby in there

    • opzz xsin
      opzz xsin

      i thought “brain feeze” was quite funny tbh especially vik laughing at it made it better 😭


    2:03 Ethan's reaction to Harry

  • Jaakko Karppinen
    Jaakko Karppinen

    If Ksi was a furry I'd stop supporting him

  • Tawfeeq Sultan
    Tawfeeq Sultan

    Please dont be a parent good god almighty save these kids from doing wrong things

  • jeremy S
    jeremy S

    JJ: "I try to finish as they finish...oh no I'm actually weird, init?" got me crying lmao

  • not you
    not you

    In 3 seconds microwave wont even be warm, it will literally be cold.. I'd do it for a dollar not 100k or a mil lol


    U tryna hold this woood

  • jenson goodson
    jenson goodson

    like a speedball genuinely is the best thing ever said