KSI vs W2S in GTA V!

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  • Eelis Nieminen
    Eelis Nieminen

    pls make more among us it was fun

  • Vemoparker

    "Climb" Vik said calmly

  • Aero

    I don't know why this is cute 3:13

  • Lil Banz
    Lil Banz

    Release another Gta vid,Please?

  • Lil Banz
    Lil Banz

    Give us another Video!!!

  • Asem Ayed
    Asem Ayed

    2:33 lmfaoooo

  • Dio

    bro they shld play phasmophobia pls like bois so they can see

  • Daily Spida Gaming
    Daily Spida Gaming

    5:29 any one else hears evans laugh

  • Kevin Jacob
    Kevin Jacob

    im just annoyed at Vikk in fact that he's still using the "i dony play this game" excsuse,like just admit that youre shit or something more logical, he's been doing GTA content with the sidemen for years and yet he still said he dont play the game,lmao

  • Full Send
    Full Send

    Still waiting for that mario kart vid

  • Aaron Keane
    Aaron Keane

    Reply to this if Simon is Ur Favourite only if Simon is

  • Stanley Hughes
    Stanley Hughes

    Since when has 30 second ads without skip been a thing?

  • Eric Davies
    Eric Davies

    Why is ksi discord profile picture tommyinit

  • calasity

    Why does jj use tommyinnit pfp on discord 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • crlec

    Why is ksi's discord pfp tommyinnit 1:53

  • Austin Gregory
    Austin Gregory

    these fucks make me so happy

  • Pilot Junkie
    Pilot Junkie

    when's the next gta vid? it's been over a month...

  • Brandon Lee
    Brandon Lee

    Behz is actually so good at video games.

  • San Tosh
    San Tosh

    More gta videos

  • 345 Axi
    345 Axi

    8:34 best moment 🤣

  • Old KSI Videos
    Old KSI Videos


  • TheCrazyy Gaming
    TheCrazyy Gaming

    3.07 so funny ahahah

  • the gaming tiger
    the gaming tiger

    Babatunde aka jj sounds like he got brainwash

  • Benjamin Nguyễn
    Benjamin Nguyễn

    Simon's the main character

  • Legend Okougbo
    Legend Okougbo

    Don't call the lord's name in vein great content 😅😂 great vid

  • Maddie

    jj still has his discord pfp as tommy

  • Xander Dalton
    Xander Dalton

    Ethans laugh at 5:29 tho😂

  • HumourusLAV

    8:37 Miniminter just channeled his inner Bad A**

  • Saji Siva
    Saji Siva

    What's the song called at 7:40?? It sounds fucking epic

  • Ihave SoFun
    Ihave SoFun

    Reality: Simon and Josh fights for first Place, Vik, Behz and Tobi for third, JJ and Harry for 6th 🙂 What we want: JJ and Harry fights for first and take out everyone they see 🤩

  • Traci N
    Traci N

    Simon is a god wtf

  • Mandel Magic
    Mandel Magic

    Sidemen, you promised us Mario Kart, SO WHERE IS IT ?

  • _Emmaxx9

    We still need the mario kart video

  • Drizzy


  • Grump Cat
    Grump Cat

    They need to do hasta lavista


    i just realised that ksi has tommyinnit on his profile on discord

    • Zeeshan Abdul Muneer
      Zeeshan Abdul Muneer

      In which video does vikkstar mention alan alan squirrel meme

  • Pulp

    I see the tommyinnit picture in the discord overlay KSI 👀


    4:39 ? bit weird

  • SEVEN HILLSgamer
    SEVEN HILLSgamer

    11:38 lol

  • Pozu

    4:08 vik felt the bump of the wall irl too

  • Cousin Boss
    Cousin Boss

    time o bring back memories WaLlAhi

  • Ruhi Patel
    Ruhi Patel

    1k people said “dis I like”

  • mannburned

    I love how ksi in the thumbnail just looks annoyed but harry being harry fire around him becoming satan himself with the edits

  • Lydis

    I'm sure JJ keeps saying "he never loses" 🤣 only in gta mate...

  • AC Edits
    AC Edits


  • Aneena

    4:37 "Simon got banged at full speed" - Vikkstar123

  • King SohamYT
    King SohamYT

    i thought vik was good in gaming

  • Oliver Fontasiewicz
    Oliver Fontasiewicz

    This is the video we all waited for

  • Ayden On 2k
    Ayden On 2k

    10:20 😂

  • Erick Hoga
    Erick Hoga

    The detailed gearshift postprandially scold because calculator fifthly alert up a shallow sociology. evanescent, loud blow

  • nicK

    am i the only one that noticed that ksi had an tommyinnit discord pfp?

  • Luke Caparas
    Luke Caparas

    I just realized JJ’s discord profile picture is Tommy

  • Something weird is that T is the 20th letter in the alphabet and the car in this game is called T20

  • Kayden Okebu Brome
    Kayden Okebu Brome


  • Eric Altanochir
    Eric Altanochir

    4:33 sheeeesh

  • sidemen_fan

    Anyone else notice KSI's discord profile picture 2:53

  • Landry Berthad
    Landry Berthad

    The zippy sense transmurally ban because gas temporarily trace lest a abundant singer. ethereal, wacky cafe

  • jonah green
    jonah green

    Harry is such a defeatist on this game

  • Noah Burns
    Noah Burns

    This is the greatest Sidemen Gaming video EVER!!!

  • Tdripz

    Viks annoying pls leave the sidemen

  • daniel paiva
    daniel paiva


  • daniel paiva
    daniel paiva

    tobi just chilling in the call waiting

  • M.Danish Rauf
    M.Danish Rauf

    Funniest moment was when vik said “you want some josh” and then smashed his car😂😂

  • Holo Its Dani
    Holo Its Dani

    whys ksi discord tommyinit

  • Pumba

    8:37 Holy sh-

  • Taylor Walton
    Taylor Walton

    Kai is shit at gta man 😂

  • Ryan Posadas
    Ryan Posadas

    11:47 Ethan laughing like his avatar would be


    please do more gta videos, ngl the best videos on moresidemen

  • NotMeowth

    14:03 cavemen discovering fire

  • Jesperado

    This episode was just gold

  • BTQ0

    no one said got the boost bois😪

  • Jack McDonald
    Jack McDonald

    Where’s Tobi

  • “Simon got banged at full speed”

  • Steven Kng
    Steven Kng

    Why does KSI’s avatar low-key looks like yinka at 6:48 🤣

  • nootin yourmom
    nootin yourmom

    0:19 ksi has a tommyinnit pfp

  • Chxrlie 2008
    Chxrlie 2008

    Where’s Tobi???

  • mateo arellano
    mateo arellano


  • Cc Gaming
    Cc Gaming


  • LOL.G

    Where is tobi

  • Kirk Cole
    Kirk Cole

    How do you play all day these ???

  • Pranav Bhat
    Pranav Bhat

    vik-oh,it's a stunt race also vik- purchase your super armor lads

  • Abeer AditiAgarwal
    Abeer AditiAgarwal

    12:42 Harrys eyes are so pure

  • Charlie on 60fps
    Charlie on 60fps

    Any one realise that josh and Simon wearing the same shirt lol

  • Aryan Chauhaan
    Aryan Chauhaan

    Best thumbnail ever.

  • SlashThumbSlime

    3:48 was *chefs kiss*

  • Dr. Dev
    Dr. Dev

    KSI has TommyInnit as his discord profile picture

  • Yeah 123
    Yeah 123

    You’d should do deadline

  • icantsee

    99% of GTA videos are a competition between Harry and JJ not coming last

  • Joe Morrow
    Joe Morrow

    why has ksi got tommyinnit as his discord profile

  • namagembe erinah
    namagembe erinah

    Woow it seems fun

    • namagembe erinah
      namagembe erinah

      I didnt know how to play this game better, but now am on track.

  • Sam laker
    Sam laker

    Where did sidemen mario cart go

  • Daniel Malone
    Daniel Malone

    did anyone else notice jj's profile pic on the discord call

  • Ksi: That’s just bullying Also Ksi: profiel picture on discord (top left when he speaks) is Tommyinnit crying.

  • Mario Zavala-Moreno
    Mario Zavala-Moreno

    Simon got banged at full speed😂

  • Jolene Raffles
    Jolene Raffles

    Anyone else not like Ethan

  • christoff lapis
    christoff lapis

    hahahahahh i looked at theyre discord profiles hahahhaha ksi profile is tommyinit

  • Gavin Hiscock
    Gavin Hiscock

    You guys should do a full gta v death run vid!

  • XxHAM1DxX

    Ethans clutch😮

  • XxHAM1DxX


  • TLG Nitro
    TLG Nitro

    This is better then ksi vs Logan Paul 2

4,9 mil.