KSI's voice cracks for 3 minutes straight
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  • heejin

    if u wanna be seefe


    Jj's excuse when he has a voice crack: ah man i've been busy this week

  • adam sesay
    adam sesay

    i dont get why people find voice cracks funny its justa voice crack?

  • 10k before I upload first video challenge
    10k before I upload first video challenge

    What’s up with the thumbnail? Lol

  • Nishant Saxena
    Nishant Saxena


  • StaidVoice

    Ksi: voice crack Everyone: OOOOOOOOOoooooooooo

  • Ralph Keywood
    Ralph Keywood

    Can you do this for other sidemen as well

  • William Spalding
    William Spalding

    Tbh my voice sounds like that all the time so it's all good

  • kotekii

    Considering how easy his voice cracks, imagine if it happened when he's singing live haha

  • Jiwoo Kim
    Jiwoo Kim

    bro, i never thought ksi had this many voice cracks

  • Leon Neerman
    Leon Neerman

    leave him he is just going trough puberty

  • Vanessa Toro
    Vanessa Toro


  • Goat

    "Favorite ToOIOoy"

  • Francois Naufahu
    Francois Naufahu

    0:47 If you wanna be SAfee..

  • Zlatko

    his voice always crack on "i"

  • isaac overment
    isaac overment


  • Lilytrixie

    He really needs ‘voice crack’ merch

  • random dude
    random dude

    His voice cracks are strong

  • Krypt_Xx

    “Allow it fam!!”

  • im not robot
    im not robot

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  • 山内淳カイル

    Lmao I was expecting this to be a bunch of old clips.

  • Cal Mc
    Cal Mc


  • Λευτέρης Γεωργακιλας
    Λευτέρης Γεωργακιλας

    Allow it man


    Jesus Christ is lord pls repent amen


    It's probably because he screams so much

  • Raj Srikar
    Raj Srikar

    I don't get why ppl are making fun of voice cracks. Like.., are they even a thing?

  • Hershell


  • I like getting SLAPPED UWU
    I like getting SLAPPED UWU

    Guys it shouldn’t be so surprising that he’s voice cracking so much at this age… Mans can’t even grow a beard 😂😂😂

  • xohlt

    i love jj

  • Smii7y Milk
    Smii7y Milk

    You lose the argument if your voice cracks Everyone makes fun of you and mock you

  • British Doge
    British Doge


  • shrr


  • MxD

    Title: KSI's voice cracks for 3 minutes straight Video: 3:30 Me: *CLICKBAIT*

  • turdle frog
    turdle frog


  • Tanvir Pahwa
    Tanvir Pahwa

    Imagine his voice cracking in the "ending it all" deji video

  • MrAplex

    Now I know why I have a lot of voice cracks😂

  • Daniel Sealey
    Daniel Sealey

    Ethan gets WAY too excited when Ksi's voice cracks lmao

  • Just a random cup
    Just a random cup

    Its not a voice crack its his inner british comming out

  • Varga Bercel
    Varga Bercel

    im having voicecracks more frequently nowadays

  • Alexis Rein Agapito
    Alexis Rein Agapito

    He he he

  • Mrudul Pawar
    Mrudul Pawar

    "Naah ayo that's a violation!"

  • Base

    ksi: wnated to get someone 100k instead he just got 100k+ people bullying him for a voicecrack LMAO

  • ZFare

    3:05 KSI POG

  • itsnotdope

    jj yeayeyaeyay

  • Christian Wiechert
    Christian Wiechert

    “If you wanna be sAafE…”

  • Imaan Azam
    Imaan Azam

    The music in the back really said 🤡 🎪 making jjs voice cracks so much funnier idek why

  • Constanza Silva
    Constanza Silva

    PLZZ not on live television 🤡 too funny

  • Skid

    The circus music makes this 10x more hilarious 🤣

  • MeJustAimy

    Can someone explain to me (as a non-English person) why voice-cracks are such a big deal?

  • Soleus- CODM
    Soleus- CODM


  • Syafiq44

    I don't hear the music in the background. You should turn it up next time.

  • Hunang

    voicecrack = lil pp

  • Jamal Sunna
    Jamal Sunna

    0:21 which video is that?

  • Hiru357

    The voice crack is because of how loud he use to scream and still does... it slowly fucks up his vocal cords...i know because ir happened to me...

  • Matteo

    Best video ever

  • DuddoFC

    You can’t get enough of JJ’s voice cracks 😂

  • Bonny Bonz
    Bonny Bonz

    These voice cracks are even better when around the boys. I love it.

  • Elise Sue
    Elise Sue

    what video is 2nd one

  • matt boni
    matt boni

    what vid was the second clip in

  • Diera Godwin
    Diera Godwin

    How is my man's voice doing this madness when he 28🤣

  • Hayden Jasper
    Hayden Jasper

    If you wanna be sãfe

  • SallyMcNuggets

    Mickey Mouse compilation

  • XXgaming67

    I wished they added in the mickey mouse part

  • pvsD

    This vid is cute

  • Croissant Power
    Croissant Power

    Should’ve had the golf Micky mouse voice crack

  • just a hamster
    just a hamster

    I love that at the end the next video shows ksi sleeping for 3 minutes straight

  • allen indore
    allen indore

    0:44 ksi- queueing a perfect roast for ethan *voice cracks* ethan-' oh i am so scared'

  • Ugandan Big Chungus Keanu Ebic Sussus Amogus Ligma
    Ugandan Big Chungus Keanu Ebic Sussus Amogus Ligma

    He is a specimen.

  • Samy Ronaldo
    Samy Ronaldo

    So proud of j j voice

  • Samy Ronaldo
    Samy Ronaldo

    So proud of jj voice

  • Daniel Godfrey
    Daniel Godfrey

    This was me my freshman year of high school. I feel his pain


    JJ is a legend!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  • wnnalis cioov
    wnnalis cioov

    Fun fact: the high pitch part in ‘no time’ was actually a voice crack but they went with it

  • Pickle

    He almost always voice cracks when he's arguing with someone and they just immediately lose it after lmao

  • Chadi Al ibrahim
    Chadi Al ibrahim

    bro talks like his lambo

  • Plo Ewie
    Plo Ewie

    Nah moresidmen moving mad

    • wnnalis cioov
      wnnalis cioov

      Bro i cant i just cant 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Seaya

    Man really said s🐭

  • Diana Haley
    Diana Haley

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  • Andrey Lupkes
    Andrey Lupkes

    Jj still going thru puberty confirmed? Probably why his still so short

  • Oduun Ambaa Maali?
    Oduun Ambaa Maali?


  • Banjo Jo
    Banjo Jo

    What video is 1:32 from??????????

    • mun kit hoi
      mun kit hoi


  • Averian Iskandar
    Averian Iskandar

    petition for moresidemen to upload ethan's laugh compilation

    • Isaac Flores
      Isaac Flores

      damn go to sleep

  • Samuel Fernandes
    Samuel Fernandes

    Damn on live tv too

  • 11amaSwagKing

    Wheres the fifa one when we calls for the ball. That one was one of his worst

  • Rockstar Gamer Mango!
    Rockstar Gamer Mango!

    3:02 it looks like jj is watching a video of himself and getting shocked

  • Yaira lee
    Yaira lee

    We need a scare compilation ~

  • Simon Khuu
    Simon Khuu

    imagine he voice cracks while he performs his songs

    • Niels Urban
      Niels Urban

      Probaly would not happen, since he warms up his voice before performing

  • Mateo Avendano
    Mateo Avendano

    This video is gold

  • Burgerki 04ba
    Burgerki 04ba

    Bro i cant i just cant 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Saad Nabil
    Saad Nabil

    Is this a sequel to this? hrless.info/window/video/un-G3Jl-z6utd48.html no bots allowed.

  • Uncrypt

    nah nah nah this is sidemen shorts content

  • Gaming Is Fun
    Gaming Is Fun


  • Jaay

    No like, the second I saw the thumbnail I thought it was chunks. XD

  • 4 P
    4 P

    Man miss the sidemen traveling episodes

  • SouKey

    What’s so bad about voice cracks

  • Vivaan

    Name of the background music in the video?

  • safa


  • Joe Momma
    Joe Momma


  • Macarios Kindamba
    Macarios Kindamba

    The content I subscribed for is finally here

  • marc cram
    marc cram

    How is this video shorter than him sleeping made about 2 years so more time for the Voice cracks